Our story started few years ago, and unexpectedly it has become your story, too.
That fact makes a great pleasure for us and enhances the sense of responsibility towards what we do and, at the same time, love.

Our story

Babic Family’s comeback to Vukicevica village and establishing of agricultural estate “Fatal Spices”, within which the art project “Tikvarnica” (“The Pumpkin”) also grows, represents an attempt to find a way how to encompass the existential circle through work on a land that connects village and a town, art and contemporary ecological technologies, tradition and science, hot and sweet, great quality and availability for everybody.

Technology we use in the process of plants growing

We have decided to use EM technology (effective microorganisms) because of many advantages it provides.

EM technology means using of effective microorganisms. This process was devised by a Japanese professor of microbiology, Mr. Teruo Higa. In 1988, he created a super complex of useful bacteria, which he named the effective microorganisms. Nowadays, this technology is regarded as one of the most up-and-coming routes of agrarian production development in XXI century. In Japan, this technology is a part of national policy.

In 1998. a Russian scientist, Pyotr Ayushevich Shablin, PhD. created an EM solution based on antibiotic microorganisms of Baykal ecosystem, which he named “Baykal EM-1”. “Baykal EM-1” is a concentrated solution with more than 80 strains of main antibiotic (useful) microorganisms that in nature reside in soil. This solution does not contain genetically changed microorganisms. EM -1 is a tight colony of aerobic and anaerobic microorganism.

Because the soil is mainly polluted with using different chemicals, there are lots of pathogen “leaders” in it. But when the same soil gets treated with Baykal EM -1 solution, the radical change happens in the process of biocoenosis. That occurs because EM-1 represses the pathogenic microflora in the soil. The final result is regeneration of it and productive support???. In this way, the land “heals” itself, and in period from 3 to 5 years it completely restores its maximum natural fertility without any usage of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

More information on this you can get on FB page: “EM tehnologija, biotehnologija XXI veka“.


Veroljub Babić


Milan Babić


Jovan Babić

Sculptor, designer and assistant

Marija Bojić

Marija Bojić

Sweet programme

Pablo Cardenas

Pablo Cardenas

Chef – specialist for sauces

Slavko Marković

Technology Engineer

Bojana Jevtović


Marko Bakić

Marko Bakić



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